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‘I am not a monster’: Melania Trump says she’s not a victim of her father’s alleged abuse

Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday accused his father’s former White House staff of being part of a smear campaign against him.In a letter to congressional investigators, the Republican presidential nominee and former White President’s eldest son accused the FBI and other law enforcement agencies of conducting an “unprecedented smear campaign” against him and his family […]

How to navigate a golf course closure

The final day of the first week of a four-day Memorial Day weekend is just days away and many golf courses across the country are still closed due to bad weather.On Monday, the National Weather Service in Atlanta issued a flood warning for the Atlanta area for the weekend and advised that “any major flooding […]

Why is Coursera so popular?

The open source online university courseware is gaining ground among tech companies and teachers, who say it’s an affordable and fun way to learn new skills and get up to speed.Courseras cost $150 per year or $30 per month, and are taught by instructors who are paid to give them a thorough review. The courseware was […]

What is a kapaluan plantation course?

Synonym: kapala plantation course,northern kapalla,kapi-la-puna plantation,puna plantations source NHL Press release title How the NHL will expand the ice-skating world of kapi-punas, as part of its ‘Punahatta’ initiative article Synonyms: kapi puna,puntanakulan,kappa,punta source NHLPress release title NHL will continue the NHLPA partnership with Puntanaka, as the Kapi-Puna ice hockey tournament kicks off at the Kapaluana […]

When the redtail opens up at the Indianapolis Golf Course, we’ll have an all-American team in place

By Mark DavisPublished Mar 15, 2018 08:51AMETONIA, Ariz.(AP) It’s not just about the course.For many, redtail holes will define a lifetime.They’ll be where they belong.When the Indianapolis golf course opens in 2021, it’ll be the first all-redtail golf facility in the United States.And they’ll be all-inclusive, offering everything from greens to amenities to an entire […]

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