Basic Qaida

Every great thing has a beginning. That one point in life where it started and turned into a beautiful thing as it grew. Most things that become great eventually usually have humble beginnings and learning the Quran, understanding its meanings and being able to expertly recite it is one of the greatest joys that can come to a Muslim. Quran is a holy book, and though it is not like any other book known to man, its learning method is quite similar to everything else and starts at the most basic level. The Qaida is the basic book to learn Arabic especially for those that do not have Arabic as their native tongue. Almost all schools around the world whether they be online Quran schools or otherwise start their Quran education with this book. The Noorani Qaida online course allows a person or a learner to begin his or her education to learn Quran online by utilizing technologies such as Skype. Under the guidance of online Quran teachers that is especially beneficial for kids, people can easily learn how to read the Quran by completing their basic Qaida online course.


Chapter 1

Huroof-e-Mufradat (Individual Letters).
Introduction & Practice of Arabic Alphabets.
Throat letters, Full Mouth, Soft & Sharp letters.
Differentiate in the pronunciation of similar sounding letters.
Compound & Joining Letters.
Introduction of Short Vowels (Harakat) & Practice.
Practice of Harakat.
Introduction of Tanween & Practice (Ghunnah).
Combine Practice of Haraka & Tanween.

Chapter 2

Introduction & Practice of Hroof -e-Maddah.
Introduction & Practice of Khari Harakat.
Introduction & Practice of Hroof -e-Leen.
Compound Exercise of Khari Harakat, Hroof-e-Maddah & Hroof-e-Leen.
Introduction & Practice of Sukoon (Jazam) & Letters of Qalqala.
Exercise of Jazam.
Rules of Noon Sakin and Tanween (Izhar, Ikhfa).

Chapter 3

Introduction & Practice of Tashdeed, Noon & Meem Mushaddad.
Exercise of Noon Sakin & Tanween (Idgham and Iqlab).
The Rules of Meem Sakin Introduction & Practice.
Tafkheem and Tarqeeq of Laam & Raa Introduction & Practice.
Kinds of MADD & Rules of Big and Small MADD.
Hroof Muqatta’at.
Zaid Alif Introduction & Practice.
Practice of Miscellaneous Rules (Izhar e Mutlaq, Sakta etc).
Introduction & Practice Rules of Waqf & sign of Waqf.

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