In a golf course in a quiet Delaware suburb, an entire community has come together to celebrate its diversity.

The courses, called the Delaware Golf Course, open and welcome everyone to play, while the community also provides a platform for people of different backgrounds to learn.

The Delaware Golf Club is one of many courses around the country that offer inclusive golf, a model that is spreading throughout the world.

But this is the first golf course to open a year in 2017, and it’s being celebrated in a different way in New York City.

“I’m so happy to be part of the Delaware golf community,” said Katie Gaudet, the founder of the group Open the Golf Course.

Gaudet and her husband, Tom, were inspired by the Open the Club project, which aims to create a more inclusive community.

“We want to see golf as a positive activity that helps people feel welcome,” Gaudett said.

“There’s a lot of people who think that golf is a dangerous activity and we want to create safe, positive spaces.”

The Delaware golf course is located in the quiet community of Haddonfield, just outside of Newark.

It’s located just outside the city limits.

Gadgets and gadgets are on the ground at the Delaware Open the Course in Haddonfields, Delaware.

The open-to-the-public event, held on May 25, celebrates diversity and inclusion.

The course was first proposed in 2010 by the Delaware School for the Blind and a group of business leaders.

The first course opened in 2016.

Now, Open the golf course hopes to be a model for other places to host such events.

“If you look at the golf community, it’s a great community.

We have a lot to offer people who are different,” Gudet said.”

It’s a positive, safe, welcoming environment.

We really believe that it will bring a sense of peace to the community and bring more people together.”

The golf community has embraced the Open.

They have a wonderful sense of community, they have a great sense of belonging and they want to have a fun, safe environment.

It was a great fit for us.

“Gaudett, who works as a consultant for the company, hopes that Open the course will be the start of a long term change for the city.”

A lot of communities around the world have come together and are welcoming people of all backgrounds to play golf,” she said.