COLUMBIA, S.C. — Former Lincoln Golf Course in Columbia will reopen after more than 20 years underwater, according to an announcement Friday from the South Carolina Department of Parks and Recreation.

The golf course was closed by the state in 2010 after a spillway collapse caused the golf course’s suspension bridges to collapse and the water to rise to the golf courses upper decks.

The state of South Carolina announced Friday that it will reopen the golfing facility, with the help of a $5 million grant from the National Park Service.

The State Department of Transportation will also work with the Columbia Golf Course Management District to reopen the water-safe courses course.

The Columbia Golf Club was built in 1958 by the Columbia River Development Corporation as a training and recreation facility for students at the local community college.

It was renamed the Lincoln Golf Club in 1972, and it was later renamed the Savannah Golf Course.

It reopened in 2015 after more years of construction and restoration.