The Catholic University at Columbia (CUC) campus was named the most prestigious golf course in the United States in 2017, but its courses and facilities were not included in the rankings.

“The CUC Golf Course is the only non-denominational golf course on campus,” a spokesperson for the college said.

“Its golf course architecture, design, and facilities have received widespread acclaim and were ranked by Golf Digest as the #1 golf course nationally in 2016.”

But according to the College Golf Association (CGAA), the course is not a Catholic institution.

“The Cucamonga Golf Course, located in Orange County, California, was founded by the Society of St. Pius X (SSX), and the Cucandas first course was built by the SSX in 1876,” the CGAA said.

The Cuyahoga Golf Club in Erie, Ohio, was also omitted from the list of prestigious golf courses on the list, according to The Golf Digest.

The Golf Digest also listed four non-Catholic courses, all located in Indiana.

Two of those schools, Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Indiana University in Bloomington, were included in this year’s list of the top 100 most prestigious courses.

Indiana University in Indiana was ranked as #1 in 2017.

Its campus is home to Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis.

It is also a member of the International Association of Collegiate Golf Clubs.

Indiana’s most prestigious school, the University of Notre Dame, was ranked #1, with a total of 10 courses, on the 2017 Golf Digest’s list.

The university is located in South Bend, Indiana.

The Collegiate School of Design, Architecture, and Construction was ranked at #2, with nine courses, in 2017 on the Golf Digest list.

Located in Bloomingdale, Illinois, the school has a total enrollment of around 1,000 students.

The University of Michigan ranked #3, with five courses, including two of the schools most prestigious, the Golf Club of the University at Ann Arbor, and the University School of the Arts and Sciences at the University in St. Louis.

The number of schools on the 2016 list that received an award was not listed.

The list also excluded two schools, the Catholic College of Florida and the Jesuit School of St Mary of the Lake, which are both affiliated with the University College of Notre Dame in Ireland.