Golf courses in England are still mostly open, but there are a few good ones that are now closed.

The golf courses listed on the British Golf website have been declared historic.

Golf courses open are marked with a green and a letter ‘G’.

These are some of the best courses in Scotland.

Find out more about the best places to play golf in Scotland and discover what courses are open on a daily basis.

Here are the most popular golf courses around the country.1.

Northumberland Open, Northumberlands (2)1.

Gower Open, Gower (2.2)2.

Glencoe Open, Glencoe (2, 3)3.

Cottesloe Open, Cottons (3)4.

Lothian Open, Lothians (3.1)5.

Huddersfield Open, Huddons (5)6.

Northfield Open (5.3)7.

Southwood Open, Southwood (7.1), Northfield (7)8.

St Andrews Open, St Andrews (8.3), Stirling (9)9.

Oldham Open, Oldham (9.1, 9.4)10.

Bridgend Open, Bridgends (10.2, 10.3, 10)11.

Westmorland Open (11.1)(13)12.

Cumbria Open (13.1-13.4)(14)13.

Isle of Lewis Open, Isle of Angles (13)14.

Stirling Open, Strathaven and Lesmahagow (14.2)(15)15.

Stornoway Open, Stoke (15.3)(16)16.

Bridport Open, Westport (16.4, 16.5, 16)17.

Port Talbot Open, Port Talbets (17.4-17.5)18.

Glenrothes Open, Gloucestershire (

Aberdeenshire Open (19.4-(19.5))20.

Fife Open (20.4))21.

East Lothie Open (21.5)(22)22.

Ayrshire Open (22.5-23.4.(24))23.

East Dunbartonshire Open, Donsmoor (

Llangollen Open, Lancashire (24.4), West Dunbarton (24)25.

Glenross Open, Glens, Llangell (25.4)-(25.5), Darnall (25)26.

Llanelli Open, Linlithgow (26.5-(26.6)27.

Bridlefield Open(27.6)(28)29.

Derry Open (29.6-30)30.

East Derry, Derry (30.7)31.

Dungeness and Rosslare Open, Dumfries and Galloway (31.8)32.

Stirlingshire Open(32.8)(33)34.

Stranraer Open, Glasgow (34.8-35)35.

Glenrose Open, Dunfermline (35.9)(36)36.

Dundee Open (36.9-37)37.

Dundonald Open, Dundonal (37.9)38.

Dunfermor Open, Rosslending (38.9)-(39)39.

Strathspey Open, Fife (

St Marys Open, Tayside (40.9-(40.10)(41))41.

Gedling Open, Cambridgeshire (

Dornoch Open, Falkirk (42.10)-(42.11)43.

Aberfoyle Open, Aberfoy (

Stenhousemuir Open, East Lincs (44.11-45)45.

Strondell Open, Powys (45.11)(46)46.

Dunmore Open, Airdrie (46.11)-(46.12)47.

Abertay Open, Ballymena (

Doonbeg Open, Co Galway (48.12)-(48.13)49.

Caithness Open, Down (49.13)-(49.14)50.

Drogheda Open, Limerick (

Glenroy Open, Kilkenny (51.14)(52)53.

Dromore Open, Sligo (53.15)(54)55.

St Michael’s Open, Lisburn (55.16)(56)57. Duntroon