Westwood Golf Course in west Melbourne is one of the few private golf courses in the state, but its owners are facing a fresh report warning that the course’s “owners will not be able to meet the financial requirements to meet future maintenance requirements”.

The Westwood report by the NSW Institute of Rural Development and Planning, commissioned by the Westwood Group, found that while the company was able to secure a lease for the courses, its financial commitments were not in place and “were not sufficient to guarantee the ongoing maintenance”.

The report found that “the current owners are not able to maintain the courses to their current standard” and that the group “is currently undertaking a review of its finances to determine if any significant funding could be provided”.

The owners of Westwood said the report was “highly inaccurate” and said they were “currently considering a range of options to reduce our costs”.

Westwood is a private golf course that is in West Melbourne’s west and the site was once the home of the state’s first national golf course.

“The owners have made the decision that it is time to sell the property, and they will do so as soon as they can,” a spokesperson for the Westwoods Group said.

“This is a very difficult decision, but we believe it is the right one for us to make and we are looking forward to the opportunity to do so.”

Our management team is working on a plan to ensure that the Westridge golf course is maintained to the highest standards.

“Westwood Golf has a long and proud history, which is why we have an established and loyal client base.

We are proud of our position as the most prestigious and renowned private golfers in the country.”

The Westridge is owned by the private company Westwood Development Partners and the NSW Government, which manages the land for the group.

The group’s management team will be assessing the situation to decide how best to proceed with the sale, the spokesperson said.

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