Courserabels open-source courses, designed for a wide range of learning platforms, have been launched by the education company.

The company says that the courses are the culmination of its work on a global scale to create courses for the web and mobile devices.

It aims to provide courses that students will use to develop their own course designs and applications.

In addition to courses for web and mobiles, Courserabs courses include courses for design, web-based learning, mobile and social, and open-sourcing their content.

Courserabi says that they have over 2.3 million courses built, with over 2,200 courses built with open source.

“The new open source courses bring together a rich ecosystem of the web, mobile, and design,” said the company in a blog post announcing the launch.

“They allow you to design, build, and deploy your own course design in a way that is accessible and scalable across a wide variety of platforms.

We believe that open source education is a valuable complement to our traditional education, and we look forward to adding more courses to Courserbels portfolio in the coming years.”

According to Courserovers website, Coursebes has over 30,000 courses on more than 40,000 platforms.

It has over 300 courses created with open-code and open source in its catalog, as well as many more open- and closed-source projects.

Coursesebes said that its courses are open source and open to use in any platform.

The courses are now available to use for free on Courserabus.