You’ve probably been trying to get on the golf course for years, but this time around, you may be looking to get into the Wildwood course, which is being developed in the United Kingdom.

The site has a number of courses and golf courses in the UK and has the aim of opening up new opportunities for students to experience the UK golfing culture.

“The course is a place to learn about British culture, culture and heritage and we are excited to bring the Wildwoods golf course to the UK for the first time,” said Stephen Parnell, managing director of the WildWood Golf Course in the US.

“Wildwoods is the first of its kind to open its doors in the U.K. and the first UK golf course with an international scope,” he added.

The UK golf community has welcomed the opening of the golf site.

“It is an exciting time for us as a community, and the Wildlands golf course is an ideal location for young people to take part in the sport of golf,” said Alex Rutter, the director of education at the National Association of Golf Clubs of Great Britain.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to welcome students from the UK to play at our premier club and the opening represents the latest step in our efforts to help to increase the diversity of our game,” he said.

“Our aim is to grow the number of young golfers and we welcome the chance to play in a place that is so different to our own.”

For those who want to play, the WildWOOD Golf Course is set to open on June 24.