On Monday, Fortnites, the free-to-play shooter for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, was launched.

It was also announced that the game will launch on Apple’s App Store on November 10.

While the game was officially announced at Sony’s press conference, a few hours before the announcement, the game itself was not yet available on the App Store.

We will update this article as soon as the app is available to play.

Here’s what we know so far about Fortnits launch:Fortnites is a multiplayer shooter set in a fictional world that features Fortnited, a fictional hero.

It will feature a brand new “tournament mode” with up to 12 players, and the first wave of players will get to play on October 24.

Players will be able to customize their avatar’s skin color, outfit, and weapon.

Fortnite will launch exclusively for the PS4 and Xbox one.

The game will also be available on Steam, Google Play, and other online platforms.

Players will have the option to customize the character of their choice, including adding facial hair and hair accessories.

Players can also unlock outfits for their characters based on their choices.

Players can also choose to play in a single-player or co-op game.

Co-op mode will allow players to play together with other players who have the same character.

The game will be free to download and play and features multiplayer matches for up to four players, which will be unlocked by completing challenges and completing missions.

The app will allow users to view all the information they need to know about the game, including an in-game shop, news and news items, achievements, and more.

The store will feature various games and items including the latest DLCs.

The app will also include an in game leaderboard.

Players who purchase the app will receive the free game in their name, along with a $20 in-app credit to their bank account.