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A golf course is a safe place to practise.

It’s not a sanctuary for the homeless, it’s a place to exercise, and it can be a great place for kids.

The course is also a place where the people who live there can gather and connect, and where the kids can play.

This article is about the best course to visit in the country, based on data from the US Golf Association.

What is a sanctuary course?

A sanctuary course is one where the course is not a shelter for people living in shelters.

It is not the same as a city-owned facility, but rather one where people live without a roof or living in a small apartment in a one-room house.

The term “sanctuary” refers to a site where people can congregate in a safe and secure environment.

A sanctuary may include a park, or a golf club or other recreational facility.

A course can be part of a sanctuary if it is not in the midst of homelessness or has a designated “housing” category.

A green or golf course with a designated housing category can be classified as a safe area, and is a designated place to play, practice, or relax.

How do I know if I am a safe spot?

If a golf facility is not on the list, the Golf Association of Ireland (GAI) will ask about it, and you can check the status by calling the number listed at the end of this article.

If a course has been classified as safe, the club will be listed on the map and you’ll be able to access a map that shows the area around the course, and its distance from the nearest homeless shelter or homeless camp.

A safe area is also available for people to walk the course.

A map of a golf venue’s designated housing categories and location will also help you find a course.

If the course has not been classified, you can call the number in the “Find A Course” section of the GAI’s website to check its status.

Can I play on a course that is a shelter?


In some cases, clubs can play golf courses that are not designated shelters.

A golfer can play on any course in a shelter if they have a valid club membership.

However, a golfer cannot play on the course of a club that is not designated as a shelter, unless the golfer is also in a homeless shelter.

Golf courses are a great way to practice golf.

Golf is a great tool for getting in shape and staying active, and if you want to try to improve your game, then playing golf can be an easy way to get started.

It may also be a way to play a game that is difficult to practice with a handicap.

For more information on golf courses in Ireland, check out our Guide to Golf Courses in Ireland.

Why are golf courses considered safe?

Golf courses offer golfers a safe environment to practice, and also for golfers who may be homeless.

The GAI considers a golf courses to be a safe location for the playing of golf if: the course meets all the eligibility requirements for a safe accommodation; the course provides golfers with a suitable course environment that is conducive to the sport; the club meets all of the requirements for an accessible course; the golf course complies with all of Ireland’s laws and regulations; the venue has been used by people living on the streets for at least 10 years; and the club has been inspected regularly by the GAII.

If you have questions about golf courses and golf in Ireland or if you would like more information, please call the GAIS hotline on 1800 666 000.

What if I do not have a golf certificate?

The GAIS does not have an online form for people who do not already have a certificate, but you can request a certificate online or by mail.

You will need to submit your information in person to the golf club.

A club is required to provide a certificate to anyone who visits its premises, whether for a certificate or for a payment.

You may also need to pay a fee to obtain a certificate.

For further information on obtaining a certificate click here.

What are the eligibility criteria for a golf licence?

The criteria are: A person needs a golf license to play golf on the grounds of a course; and