The top golfer at Brentwood Golf Course in New Jersey has been banned from competing in the state’s NCAA tournaments due to a drug suspension.

Brentwood Golf Club, which opened in 2001, is one of the nation’s top golf courses, ranking first in the nation in both points and yards, according to the U.S. Open.

It is located on a 2,600-acre tract of land owned by the New Jersey State Department of Education.

Bethlehem Golf Club also opened in 2000.

Both courses have been awarded more than $8 million in federal money over the past 15 years, according the New York Times.

Bennett said his suspension is due to an elevated level of toxicity in the golf course and the number of students at the school.

The golf course was closed in January due to “increased levels of toxic mold,” according to Bennett.

He said he was informed of the suspension a month later, but did not receive any updates until Feb. 8.

The golf course reopened Jan. 18, but he said he did not know whether the students could play at that time.

The school said the high school is not permitted to reopen until the EPA determines that the course is safe to resume playing.

Bettsons ban does not include a penalty for a player who missed the NCAA tournament, and Bennett said he believes he can continue playing at Brentwoods.

“I’m just really excited about this,” he said.

“This is a big opportunity for me, and I’m excited to get it done.

I’m confident.”

The state Department of Health and Human Services, which is in charge of the program, said in a statement that the suspensions do not impact the NCAA’s eligibility or tournament participation because of the school’s level of competition.