“I don’t think anyone is going to be hungry all day,” he told me.

“I’m not trying to convince you that I don’t.

But I’m trying to be helpful.”

I decided to make a turkey sandwich.

I went to the local farmers market and picked up some sweet potatoes, carrots, and cauliflower, along with a couple dozen other vegetables, a bunch of bread, a few baked goods, and some stuffing.

I had my own recipe on the stove, but the first batch I put in the oven was too dry, so I decided to add more vegetables.

(My favorite is spinach, because it’s a great source of vitamins A and C.)

I started with about 20 carrots and added about 15 of them, and I had a big pile of bread and a lot of veggies in the kitchen, so it wasn’t that big a deal.

(For the record, I didn’t add any of the stuffing.)

I didn’t have any chicken stock, so instead I added about a pound of lean ground turkey and a little extra lean butter, but that didn’t make much of a difference.

I added more cheese and bacon, and then I started to make the turkey sandwich in the morning.

I wanted to make it more of a snack, so when I came home I had the whole thing.

I made a lot more turkey sandwiches than I expected.

I’m not sure how much I actually ate, but it was enough to be a huge hit.

It’s definitely a “soup” food, and a big part of why people like to eat Thanksgiving, too.

I’ve never eaten a Thanksgiving sandwich before, but I knew that I was going to enjoy it.

This Thanksgiving I will eat the turkey as much as possible.

It really is the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

The next day, I cooked a batch of turkey sandwiches in my slow cooker, and they turned out so much better than I had anticipated.

I think it’s because the turkey is cooked in a slow cooker in the same way that I usually make turkey sandwiches: in the slow cooker for about five hours.

I then cooked them in the microwave for an hour or two to get the flavors of the turkey cooked out.

(The microwave makes them go from being mushy to being juicy in less than two minutes.)

I also added some dried cranberries and a handful of parsley to my turkey sandwich, but those added just a tiny bit of crunch.

And of course, a little salt and pepper to round it out.

You might have noticed that I have a lot to say about turkey sandwiches, so here are some other tips to help you make them more successful.

Tip #1: Cook the turkey on low heat in the fridge until you have it soft and tender, about 15 minutes.

Tip 2: Make sure you get it really, really hot.

You want to cook it for a minute or two in order to get it to really cook.

Tip 3: When you are ready to serve, heat it up and add a few slices of bread or a few mashed potatoes.

It doesn’t matter how you do this, just cook the turkey for a couple of minutes, then add some more vegetables, then some more bread, and repeat.

This will give you a nice texture that will be great on Thanksgiving.

Tip 4: If you are a vegetarian, add some spinach or other veggies in place of the meat and bake it for about 30 minutes.

I didn: it turned out super good.

Tip 5: The turkey sandwiches will keep for a week, and you can store them in a sealed container in the freezer.

If you don’t eat the sandwiches in the week they are in the refrigerator, you can just reheat them for about three days in the crisper drawer.

Tip 6: If your turkey sandwich is too dry or hard, add more water.

You can add as much water as you like, but there is no need to overdo it.

The turkey is a moist sandwich, so adding more water will make it easier to cook.

Tip 7: If the turkey has a hard exterior, add a little more butter.

I also doubled the amount of turkey bacon and chopped the onions, but you don,t have to do that.

(I also added a little butter to the top of the sandwich.)

Tip 8: I added some roasted peanuts to the sandwich.

They add a bit of a crunch to the turkey and make it even easier to eat.

Tip 9: The last tip is probably the most important: make sure that you do not over-fill the sandwich or it will not be cooked properly.

It was just too dry for me.

Tip 10: You can also add some sweetener to the bread, like maple syrup or corn syrup, and it will make the sandwich taste more filling.

I love this turkey sandwich!

I love that it is filling and soft and tasty.

It is also delicious to eat at a family gathering.

I can’t wait to make more