The U.K.’s Green Hills Golf Club in Wisconsin was the best-ranked course in the United States, according to Golf Digest’s rankings.

Green Hills Golf Course was ranked No. 1 for golfers in the country, Golf Digest said, and the course has the best course amenities and the most amenities available for golf in the area.

Green, which opened in 2009, has an open practice and tournament schedule, according for its website.

It offers two championship events per year.

The courses is the only course in Wisconsin that is not located in an urban area, Golf Magazine said.

Green was the No. 4 course in Golf Digest magazine’s list of top 10 golf courses in the nation, which was published Wednesday.

The list was compiled based on scores from Golf Digest members, and it was released in late September.

The course’s open practice is in the morning, when it’s mostly quiet and players can practice until the sun comes up.

Players can also play until 4 a.m. in the tournament.

The tournament is set to start Friday.

Green is in northern Wisconsin, near the Great Lakes.

Its course amenities are among the best in the state, Golf Journal said.

The course offers a variety of golf services including handicap and clubhouses, and its golf course services also include a private clubhouse, indoor and outdoor bunkhouses, a golf clubhouse, a private golf cart and a teeing facility.

Green has a reputation as one of the best golf courses around the world, GolfJournal said.

However, the courses’ amenities and facilities have been criticized in the past for not being up to par with some of the state’s top courses.

Green’s facilities are rated the most extensive in the world.

Green has a total of 8,000-plus acres of greens and is the largest green in the Midwest.

The golf course is home to golfers including Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia and Mark Wilson, GolfWorld said.