A new technology that allows golf courses to stay open 24 hours a day could make golf a more affordable option for homeowners.

The Golf Course Tracker is a GPS-based app that can measure the distance, elevation and elevation change of golf courses around the world and track the progress of course closures to help homeowners adjust their homes and property values.

If a golf club is not working, the Golf Course tracker will warn you to check for damage and make sure it’s closed for the weekend.

It also alerts you to golf courses that have already closed and to any new closures.

Developed by the US-based golf company Golf Course Trackers, the technology is currently available in a few countries, including Canada, the United Kingdom, France, New Zealand and the United States.

Golf Course Tracker uses a GPS receiver that is mounted on a golf cart, so it’s not a standalone device.

But it’s capable of tracking the distance and elevation changes of more than 1,500 courses worldwide, and it’s now available for iOS and Android.

The company claims that the technology works because it has the same type of sensor technology used in some golf clubs, so the golf ball is always moving in the same direction.

So it works like this: The Golf CourseTracker app sends the location data to the Golf Club Tracker app, which tracks the golf club in real-time.

After the Golf Trackers app receives the data from the Golf Tracker, it uses it to create a map showing the exact location of the golf course.

The Golf TrackERS app then shows you the elevation change for the course, as well as the distance the golf clubs have been closed.

The Golf Track Tracker is compatible with all the major golf courses in the United Sates, including Augusta National and the PGA of America.

A golfer will have the option to download the app and use it for two weeks or more, depending on the distance they are traveling.

This is great for homeowners who don’t have access to a GPS tracker because they are away from home.

However, it may not be suitable for people who are planning to buy a home and don’t want to travel to the golf courses.

One drawback of the Golf trackers app is that it doesn’t work in a parking lot or a garage, which may not allow golf courses or golf courses managers to control when the GolfTrackers app gets updated.