A little over a year ago, the company behind a $1.5 billion-plus investment in the Breckinridge golf facility in Southern California made a bold announcement: They were launching a website with a focus on golf courses, which they called Golf Course World.

It wasn’t long before the site got an influx of traffic, as the website quickly grew to over 1.6 million page views and 4,500 downloads per day.

The site’s name was soon changed to Golf CourseWorld, and it now has a few more features, including a live chat feature, a forum, and even a podcast.

The new features, along with the site’s rapid growth, have earned the site a new and impressive title: The Breckenhurst Golf Course is a Course Builder.

A Course Builder is a website that can be run in a fully-managed environment with an existing infrastructure.

The Brekstenridge site is the result of years of development and testing, and as of the time of this writing, it’s still running.

It was built from the ground up with Python, Flask, and Node.js.

Here’s how it works: