The flu season is about to begin, and you can expect to be coughing up a lot of germs, especially during the winter months.

That’s because the seasonal flu vaccine isn’t effective in the United States.

But the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a great deal more on how to protect yourself during the peak of the pandemic, including how to use the flu vaccine to keep your immune system in peak shape.

Read has updated its website with more information about the flu shot.

You can learn more about the influenza vaccine and its benefits by visiting the Influenza Facts page, as well as the FluMist website, which is a free, online tool to prevent flu.

The FluMist vaccine is designed to be taken by mouth and can’t be injected.

So to get the flu vaccination, you’ll need to take a shot.

The shot can be taken in a doctor’s office, or you can get it at a pharmacy or other health care provider.

The flu vaccine is the same one that was released in 2018, but the shots are now available at pharmacies.

Here are some of the flu vaccines that are currently available at drugstores and health care providers.

The influenza vaccine contains the same strain of virus as the pandemics H1N1 and H1W1.

So for most people, you won’t be exposed to the H1S1 strain of the virus, but you’ll still be exposed when you have the flu.

You should also take the H2N2 vaccine if you have an existing or recent history of influenza.

If you’re at risk of getting the flu, you can also take a flu shot as a precautionary measure to be able to take care of yourself in case of an attack or severe illness.

You might need to stay home for a while and have rest.

But this is more of a precaution than an actual vaccine, which has a high chance of side effects.

The flu vaccine also has a higher chance of causing an infection if you’re not immune.

You can find out more about how the flu shots work, including if they work for people who don’t have immune systems to protect themselves, and when to start taking them.

If the flu is getting to you, you might want to take extra precautions, too.

You need to make sure you don’t get the virus while you’re in your car, in public places, or in a crowded place.

If you’re worried about a friend who’s having the flu and you have no idea who it’s coming from, call your local health department.

You might also want to consider the flu prevention plan, which may include having a personal assistant, personal care worker, or caregiver at home with you to help you keep your cool and prevent spreading the virus.