On Tuesday morning, the Brentwood Golf Course had its own special treat as a member of The Walt Disney Co. presented the Walt Disney Concert Hall with a set of photos of Brentwood and Disney Parks, where Brentwood is located.

“I am really happy to share this set with you,” the group wrote on Facebook, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“This set is truly one of a kind.

It’s the perfect gift for you, your family and friends, and will make the most incredible memories of your Walt Disney World vacations.”

According to the Facebook post, “The Walt Disney Company will be honored to share its collection of rare photos of the Brentwoods beautiful and charming countryside and Walt Disney Park.

These images will be featured on the Walt Parks Facebook page as well as in the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disneyland Resort’s own website, and on our upcoming documentary about Walt Disney Parks.”

A special photo opportunity was also offered at the Brents home, where guests were invited to pose with the cast members.

Brentwood’s golf course is located on a former golf course near Walt Disney Springs, and it features golf carts, bunkers, and bunkers as well.

Disney Parks and the Walt, and Brentwood, are not the only parks in the resort’s development.

The Walt Parks website, which also includes Brentwood locations, also includes a photo of the golf course that was featured on ABC News.

“The Brentwood Country Club Golf Course is located in Brentwood County, Kentucky, approximately 45 minutes from the Walt Disneyland and Walt Hollywood Studios,” the website states.

“A beautiful natural setting with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and mountainside, Brentwood boasts a golf course with a beautiful green belt with over 2,600 golfers, six caddies, a course meeting area and an on-site handicap facility.”

The Brentwood clubhouse was opened in 2016, and the golf facility has been in operation since 2013.

In 2018, Walt Disney announced it was expanding its theme parks in Brentland.

“We are thrilled to expand the Walt’s Story at Brentwood Resort to bring you the worlds largest and most immersive, full-service golf experience with the world-renowned Brentwood Course Golf and Country Club,” Walt Disney Imagineering Executive Director Mike Ollman said in a statement.

“It’s the most unique location in Walt Disney’s resort chain and we can’t wait to share more exciting details soon.”

Disney Parks is a division of Disney Enterprises, Inc. The Brentwoods golf course has been used for many years, and fans are encouraged to visit and enjoy the golf experience, which is a favorite among many Brentwood residents.

“When I was a kid, I loved the golf in the golf area, and now I know it’s a great location,” Brentwood resident, Terri Lee, said in the Facebook posting.

“But we are a very small community and a lot of people just don’t go, and you can only do so much with a little bit of time.”

Brentwood has been a part of Walt Disney Theme Parks for decades.

The resort’s name was changed to Walt Disney Studios in 2015, which was the company’s first resort outside of Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.

Brentwoods Walt Disney Resorts, Brentwoods, Kentucky is an official Walt Disney Resort location.

Disney’s Brentwood Club was the only location in Brentwoods Resort in 2019, when it opened a new golf course.

“Brentwood’s Walt Disney Country Club is a beautiful, old, and traditional golf course,” the Walt Park Blog states.