Businesses are developing training programs for dogs that can help them talk, a technology pioneer has said.

Dogs have been taught how to read, hear and recognize sounds and movements, with the help of computer software, but not much more, said Dr Simon O’Leary, founder of a company called the DogIQ, which offers dogs a suite of training tools.

“The technology is there for them to do it, but it is still very basic,” Dr O’Brien said.

“We are now trying to develop a dog technology that is designed to help them understand and understand humans, so that they can understand human behavior and how to interact with humans.

Dr O’Reilly said that his company was working with dog trainers and owners on ways to improve the canine’s ability to communicate, using artificial intelligence.

He said the first stage of this work involved a training session with a human and the dog.

A trained dog has the ability to understand a human voice, but is also capable of learning new commands, Dr O­Reilly said.

The second stage involved using the dog to train another dog, and Dr OReilly said he was working on how to get a human-trained dog to talk to a dog.”

I have to train the dog and then I train the human and I then train the other dog,” he said.

Dr O­Brien said he thought training with a dog was a good idea.”

If you want to train a dog to be a doctor or a lawyer, then you train a human, you train your dog, you don’t have to go into human language and you can actually have a human who knows how to communicate with the dog,” Dr D’Ancona said.

He said that while it was important to develop training programs that allowed a dog “to understand human language”, it was not the only way to teach a dog how to be trained.”

This is the way of teaching a dog that you can’t just tell them to sit up straight and then walk and be aggressive,” he told the ABC.”

You need to understand how the dog works and how the human can talk to the dog, how the animal can walk and what the human wants to see.

“And then you also need to know how the trainer can help the dog understand how to do that, so they can then help the human.”

That’s the way I think about it.

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