The study used GPS data to determine the location of each player and then tracked how they responded to each question.

The study found that players who were “extremely” or “very” likely to have a concussion would play the mini golf much more than those who were more or less likely to suffer a concussion.

The results are fascinating, but more interesting is the idea that if you play mini golf well, you can avoid having a concussion or have a significantly lower injury rate compared to the average player.

There are many factors that can affect your risk of concussion, including the intensity of the sport, the frequency and duration of your activity, the type of terrain you play on, and the type and type of clothing you wear.

While mini golf may seem like a safe activity, you’re more likely than other players to suffer from concussion or suffer from mild head trauma.

It’s worth noting that there are some variables that affect your odds of concussion and your risk for injury as well.

In the study, participants were divided into two groups.

One group played a typical mini golf game while the other played a sport called mini golf that was significantly less challenging and involved fewer turns.

The average player in the former group suffered a concussion when they were within a 3% chance of sustaining a concussion during the game.

The lower the number, the more likely the player was to suffer concussion.

This study also found that people who played a lot of mini golf were more likely for the same reason.

They were more often involved in other activities that they were less likely or unable to do themselves.

So, while it’s important to have fun while playing mini golf, it’s also important to play it safely.

And for everyone, make sure you get the most out of the mini-golf experience.