The open source online university courseware is gaining ground among tech companies and teachers, who say it’s an affordable and fun way to learn new skills and get up to speed.

Courseras cost $150 per year or $30 per month, and are taught by instructors who are paid to give them a thorough review. 

The courseware was originally created by a company called Courserapart, which has raised over $60 million from investors and venture capitalists, with investors also investing in a rival startup called Udemy.

Udemy has a more traditional online education model with courses that range in cost from $6 to $9 per hour, depending on the topic.

Coursers are available for free to students, teachers and parents.

Many courses are free, while others charge fees. 

Some courses, like Courseradise, are offered in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, France, Germany, Sweden and Austria.

Udya and Courseral are also offering courses for teachers in the UK.

Courseres popularity is also growing among the public.

The company’s stock has risen over $40 in value since the start of the year, to more than $7 per share. 

In the past year, Courseria has been downloaded more than 10 million times.