The United States has three major golf courses.

The Augusta National Golf Club, which opened in 1882, is the most prominent and is known for its six-hole, three-and-a-half-minute drive through the Appalachian Mountains, and the PGA Championship, which is a four-hole course on the Pilsen Golf Club in Illinois.

The third and fourth courses, Augusta National and Augusta National Country Club in Maryland, are less well-known.

The latter is a short-course course on an island in Maryland owned by the government of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

The PGA, which has been around since 1922, is a five-hole championship course that is the oldest in the U.K. and is home to the Pyeongchang Masters.

(This is the same course used by the U,S.

Open, which began in 1901.)

The Pyeongsang Golf Course in South Korea is also a popular destination, but it is the least famous of the three.

But Augusta National is also home to many more golf courses and a huge golf course that hosts golf tournaments every year.

So what’s the difference between them?

The Pillsbury Cup, which runs through the city of Boston, is owned by Pillsburys and features a six-foot-wide fairway.

It also has three bunkers on the greens and is not connected to the rest of the course by a fairway or course.

Pillsborough’s two-hole PGA Tour Championship is on the same green and has a similar layout to Augusta National.

PGA Golf, which also owns the Pillsbrook Golf Club and other major courses, is not a golf course.

But the company has made many partnerships with companies that are.

It recently teamed with Red Bull and its Mercedes-Benz sports car brand for the Mercedes-AMG GT3.

Golf is also part of the corporate agenda of PillsBURY, which owns the Augusta National, PGA and Pyeonsang Golf courses.

It owns golf course complexes in the states of New Jersey and Florida and operates three courses in the Bahamas, according to its website.

The company says it spends $2.6 billion annually on golf courses around the world.

The American Club, a club in the United Kingdom, is more popular.

The United Kingdom has three main golf courses: The Glorious National Golf Course, in Dorset, which includes a two-and a-half minute drive through a series of trees; The Glenside Golf Course at The Queen’s Park, in the southwest of England, where the greens are short, and The Woodlands Golf Course on the River Thames in south-west London, which are more than two-thirds the length of Augusta National’s six-and, a few feet shorter.

The other two courses are the Pembrokeshire Golf Club on the Yorkshire coast, which averages about 10 holes a day and the Auld Lard Golf Club at the top of the Isle of Wight, which sits on a small peninsula with about 10 golf courses in it.

The Auld Loch is the only golf course on that island, according the Golf Digest.