On Monday, President Donald Trump sent a letter to Congress, asking for an extension on his request to extend the 10 percent federal income tax deduction for charitable donations.

The extension will take effect March 31.

“Congress has approved a bill that would extend the 5% deduction, but only for charitable organizations, not for private organizations,” Trump wrote in the letter.

“This extension would give my Administration an additional $1.6 billion in tax relief to help offset the costs of these unnecessary tax increases, as well as $1 billion in relief for hard-working Americans who do not qualify for the deduction.”

Trump made the extension request in response to Democrats demanding a longer extension of the deduction.

On Monday afternoon, a spokesman for House Ways and Means Committee Chair Kevin Brady (R-Texas) said that Congress has not reached a consensus on how to address the tax reform bill, according to CNN.

“We’re still working on that issue,” Brady spokesman Matt House told the outlet.

“This is a bipartisan issue and it needs to be resolved in a bipartisan way,” House added.

“It’s been a long process.

The bill has passed Congress, and it’s up to the president to sign it.

But we’re moving forward with it.”

Democrats have repeatedly said that the extension of charitable donations is unnecessary, and they’ve pointed to the charitable deduction as evidence that it’s necessary.