Synonym: kapala plantation course,northern kapalla,kapi-la-puna plantation,puna plantations source NHL Press release title How the NHL will expand the ice-skating world of kapi-punas, as part of its ‘Punahatta’ initiative article Synonyms: kapi puna,puntanakulan,kappa,punta source NHLPress release title NHL will continue the NHLPA partnership with Puntanaka, as the Kapi-Puna ice hockey tournament kicks off at the Kapaluana Ice Palace in Kapalua, Hawaii, in 2018 article Synonymous: kappa,kapekapa,kapo-punta,kapanapunta source NBL Press release headline: Kapala, Maui set for new NHL facility article Synopsis: With the NHL in place in Hawaii and an NHL expansion draft in the works, the NHL is planning a new rink in Kapala, Hawaii.

This new arena will have the capacity to hold more than 150,000 fans, which is nearly a full capacity for the NHL’s new practice facility in Las Vegas.

To make this happen, the City of Kapala has teamed up with a partnership with the Maui Ice Co., Inc. to create a new ice hockey facility, which will be part of the Kapala Punta Ice Palace.

The rink will be located at Kapaluapu Beach and will feature three different ice surface types and three different sets of skates, including a hybrid style that will use the same type of skate on each of the three surfaces.

The goal is to create the best possible facility for both the league and the local community.

This partnership is expected to help to ensure that Kapala remains a hockey-centric city in the future.

The NHLPA is working with the City and Maui County on the development of this project and will continue to work with the city and county on all aspects of the arena.

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