More than 50 years after the Great Society and the Great Depression, the U.S. Golf Course Association (USGA) is now celebrating the 100th anniversary of its founding.

The course at Monterey Park in California, is the oldest continuously operating golf course in the world, and the first in the United States to be dedicated to teaching kids and adults how to play the game.

“We wanted to create a course that would allow kids and people of all ages to learn the fundamentals of golf,” USGA President and CEO Chris Pritchard told ABC News.

“We wanted kids to learn to play in an environment where they could develop a skill and be able to have fun in their backyard.”

The USGA’s new Monterey Point Course at Montemarion is the first to be designed for kids and families, and is designed to be a learning center for children as young as 4.

Its aim is to give children and adults the tools to succeed in the game.

“A child will start learning golf from the age of 6 and will progress to the age when they can be allowed to play on their own.

It’s an approach that the USGA believes is successful, because kids are able to develop skills faster and more effectively than adults, who typically need a bit more time and help with their learning.”

It’s an interesting learning environment, and that’s why it’s so great to see it growing,” Pritchers said.

The USGGA has been partnering with Monterey’s Monterey Bay Nature Park for more than a decade to provide playgrounds for the children.

The park will also host its first summer camp in 2019.

The Monterey point course is not just a place for kids to play, it’s also an environment for adults to develop their skills.”

This new island playground will be a permanent home for kids aged 7-17.””

The idea of Montemara is to make it a place where kids and parents can come together to learn and share knowledge and practice together.”USGA’s Montemary Point Course is a safe haven for kidsThe USGS has partnered with Montemayors Monterey Nature Park to create Monterey Port.

This new island playground will be a permanent home for kids aged 7-17.

“When you look at the area around the island, there’s a lot of activity and it’s a great spot for kids,” Prieson said.

Priely has already received support from the Monterey Public Schools to create the Montemarine Point Playground and the Monterelle Park Playground.

The playground will include an activity area, an area for kids ages 5-7, and a playground and bike lane.

“Montemarions mission is to inspire people to make a difference in the lives and communities of the Montes and that starts with kids and we are honored to be part of that mission,” Piesons son, Austin, said in a statement.