The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has announced that it will begin requiring motorcycles to have safety features on them that can be remotely activated.

The rule will also apply to motorcycles and scooters, though they won’t be required to meet certain safety requirements.

The announcement comes just weeks after the DOT and its U.K. counterpart, the Motor Manufacturers Association, announced a proposal to create a National Motorcycle Safety Strategy, which would include mandatory crash-avoidance features on all new motorcycles and similar machines.

The new guidelines would apply to all models and models with more than 500,000 miles of registered owner-owned-and-operators, the EPA said in a statement.

The agency would not specify the model or model year, nor would it require that the models and their components meet specific safety requirements, but it would say that all motorcycles must be equipped with “active safety systems” that can remotely activate the devices.

The EPA says that motorcycles with “critical” crash-prevention features, such as radar, automatic braking and other sensors, can be required by the rule.

It says that this feature would not be mandatory for motorcycles with low-cost models or models with “limited” engine power.

The proposal would also apply for motorcycle models that use a single battery pack or that use less than 100cc capacity.

The rule would require that “most” of the fuel tank and most of the airbox be filled with an air-bag system or “full-pressure air system.”

The rules also require that a motorcycle “shall be designed to be fully accessible to pedestrians” and “shall comply with the minimum vehicle weight standards for all vehicle types and classes.”

The rule is expected to take effect in 2020.

The agency also announced plans to regulate motorcycles and other vehicles that do not meet certain requirements for safety.

The DOT is expected next month to issue an interim rule on motorcycle helmets, the DOT said.

It is also expected to propose a rule on motorcycles with an electric motor.