GATLINBURG (AP) Authorities say a gatling gun jammed at a golf course in Gatlinburys northwest suburb, killing three people.

Gatlinburgh Police Capt. Dave Kiel told The Associated Press on Monday that the gunman, a man who had spent time in jail in the U.S. after a carjacking, used the gun during the attack and then fired several shots at the crowd of people on the fairway.

Kiel said the gunman used a gato shotgun, which is illegal in the state.

The shooter died at the scene, but the gunman was found dead nearby.

He had a long gun, and it appears the gun jammed, Kiel added.

A man who was at the fairground when the shooting happened told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he saw two women being pushed around by the shooter.

He said he was with the women at the time, but they didn’t seem to be injured.

The Associated the shooter used a gun that was legal in Georgia.

More than 400 people were at the course on Sunday afternoon, including dozens of families who had gathered for a picnic, when the shooter opened fire, Keltner said.

No one was hurt, he said.

Keltner says authorities don’t know if the shooter was a citizen or a visitor.

A statement from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said it was investigating the incident.