An update to the $4.7bn Australian Golf and Country Club’s 2014 expansion plan says the plan to add two new golf courses is no longer feasible.

The update from the Australian Government says the original $2bn expansion was never fully realised and the $2 billion expansion will be “partially” funded by the government’s “federal assistance scheme”.

The plan was announced by the then prime minister Tony Abbott in January last year, ahead of a referendum on the expansion that was to take place in 2019.

But the Government said it would be looking at “all options” to “resolve the issue”.

A government spokesman told the ABC it had been looking at options to meet the needs of the new courses, but said it was “not the right time to make any decisions on the funding”.

The expansion, the most ambitious of any of the state’s golf courses, was meant to be funded through the federal assistance scheme.

The scheme, which is a one-off payment of $6.8 billion, was introduced by the previous Labor government to support the state economy.

It allows for a maximum $1.6 billion annual contribution from state and territory governments to the scheme.

However, the Government has now said the new golf course could have an even bigger impact on the state budget, because it is a part of the larger $20 billion expansion plan.

It said the two new courses would not only provide new opportunities for local employment and tourism, but also create thousands of jobs and create tens of thousands of permanent jobs.

The government has not yet announced when the expansion would start or what it will cost.

It is unclear what will be added to the new cost of the expansion.

However the Government says it would expect the $1 billion expansion to add between 400 and 500 permanent jobs over the next five years.

It would also add $1 to $3 billion in new revenue each year to the state treasury.

“These projects have a significant impact on Australian taxpayers and their local communities,” the spokesman said.

“It’s not an easy decision, but this is the right one.”

The spokesman said it “is important to recognise the need for more certainty and transparency around the Federal Government’s plans for Australia’s golf infrastructure”.