The five courses in the Cincinnati area that are among the most popular in the country, along with their best prices and amenities, are here to help you find the perfect golf outing.

Here’s how to discover these gems, along the way.

Cincinnati Golf Course – The Reds have long maintained a deep and enduring love of the Cincinnati Golf Course, but recently the club has made a number of changes, including adding two new courses in 2017. 

For the first time in the club’s history, a second course will open at the new campus, in the neighborhood of Westgate. 

The club also plans to open a new club, located on its Westside campus, with a course that’s as close to the current site as possible. 

While the club may not be the most spectacular of the courses on the property, this is one of the most unique and scenic, with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills and rolling hillsides. 

Its two courses are located in the Westgate section of the campus, and are among three courses on that campus, as well as the new site. 

Cincinnati Hills Golf Course- This golf course is located on the Eastside of Cincinnati, in a neighborhood that includes the old Cincinnati Zoo. 

This course has been named one of “America’s Best Golf Courses” by Golf Digest, and its new home will be a huge draw for golfers from around the country. 

It features three courses, one of which is a 4-iron, which has a par-4 par-5.

It also features a par 4. 

If you’re interested in hitting one of these courses in a round, you can book an on-site, private tournament. 

Festival of the Winds Golf Course in Cincinnati – Located in the same neighborhood as the Cincinnati Zoo, this course has two holes that will appeal to anyone looking for an exciting and challenging challenge. 

On-site tours are available for the course on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Golf Digest says that this course is the “Best Golf Course of 2018.” 

Cleveland Country Club- This is one place in Cincinnati that you definitely want to check out.

The Cleveland Country Club has four courses, including the largest in the city. 

Here, golfers can take advantage of the fact that the course is within walking distance of the local airport, as it’s only a 15 minute drive from downtown. 

Tournament of the Seas Golf Course and Golf Club – The only two golf courses in Cleveland, this one has a 1,200 yard club, and offers several options for golf. 

Players can hit the course from a tee box and have a private, on-course tournament, or they can take out for the day, play on the course, or even host their own private event. 

Rochester Hills Golf Club- Located in southwest Ohio, Rochester Hills is also known for its beautiful and historic lakes. 

Located within walking distances of downtown, the course boasts two of the best holes in the county, including a par 6. 

Spartan Hills Golf and Country Club – This is a short drive from Cleveland, but this is a different kind of course.

It features a 1-mile, par-6 fairway, and features the longest course at 7,500 yards. 

You can also drive up to the city and take in the sights. 

Westlake Golf Club is also located in southwest Cincinnati, which features one of its most scenic golf courses. 

Like Rochester Hills, this club has two golf holes, and it offers two different types of tours. 

In one of their tours, players can have a round on the first of the three courses they can hit, and have the option to do a round or go out and enjoy the course. 

When it comes to amenities, the golf course also has a lake and waterfalls, and is one block away from downtown Cleveland. 

Lake Ridge Golf Course is located in southern Ohio, just a few miles from Cleveland.

Picking the right course for you, or getting your golf game started?