The owners of a Wildhorse Golf Course near Grand Teton National Park are worried they’re “coming off the cliff.”

The owners have announced that they’re selling the property for $5.3 million, and they’re seeking a buyer who will take over management and “support” the course.

The property was originally owned by a former government contractor, but that contractor is no longer with the agency, and the property has been leased out to other private companies.

Wildhorse Golf Club was opened in 2004.

It’s a popular and scenic spot for golfers who enjoy the mountain views, lush, green, and lush-looking grass.

According to the Grand Tilton Conservancy, the property is one of only 12 such courses in the U.S. It was once part of a larger property, and it was used by both private and government interests, including the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

The conservancy reported that the course’s original owner had a history of neglect and “serious problems” with the golf course and the surrounding area.

The Conservancy said that when the original owners bought the property, they tried to negotiate to get it used for recreational purposes.

But the Conservancy has not yet received a response from the former owner, who died in 2008.

It is unclear what kind of management would be needed for the course, which sits along the scenic North Platte River.

A statement on the Wildhorse Club’s website states that it “is owned by its current owners, a retired military contractor.”