By Jennifer Buhrdelen Fox NewsDelaware golf course owner Tom and Carol Buhrsdelen have been pushing for a $1.5 million tax incentive from the state for their Delaware golf courses, but the state has so far rejected their requests.

In the most recent attempt to lure the golf course owners to the state, the Delaware Golf Development Authority offered to pay $1 million toward the state tax incentive for new developments at the county fairgrounds, which is home to several of the Buhns’ golf courses.

The Buhs’ attempts to lure more taxpayers have fallen on deaf ears.

“They’re not going to come here because they don’t want to pay the tax,” said Steve Parnell, the executive director of the Delaware County Golf Development Agency.

The development agency has been trying to find an incentive for several years.

The Buhls say the incentives were promised in the 1990s and have been repeatedly denied.

They have also pushed for the state to build the county’s largest park, which has been blocked by the federal government.

The state’s chief tax official, James J. Brown, told The Associated Press that he had asked the BOHA to consider the golf courses as part of the development incentive but was rebuffed.

The agency said it was looking into the matter.

Parnell said the BAHA is seeking additional incentives for new development in the state.

He said the agency is also seeking the development of a second park at the fairgrounds.

The Delaware Golf Course Development Authority is asking for a tax incentive of $1,300 per acre for the development.

That would cover an acreage of more than 100 acres, according to its website.

The agency has said it is willing to contribute $1 billion for the project if the BCHDA agrees to increase taxes on developers.

The tax incentives would not only help the county, which employs about 6,000 people, but also other counties that could be affected by the project.

The Delaware Governmental Development Authority also receives a $100 million federal grant that would pay for development of the park.

The county has a $5 million incentive for the county parks.

The park is part of a $2.6 billion project that includes a new golf course, an amphitheater, a museum and an entertainment complex.

The golf courses are part of an effort by the BUSD to lure a third park that is being developed at the Fairmont Hotel in Wilmington.