This is a true story of how a golf course in Wildwood, Florida, ended up being a ghost town in the ’80s.

In 1985, in a place known as the Wildwoods, a golf club owned by local businessman, Bob Jones, the original owner, Roy Wildwood Jr., died.

The new owners, John and Edith Feltz, decided to turn the club into a vacation retreat for the wealthy.

Edith, who was living in the same town at the time, rented the Wild Woods to a group of golfers who lived in an old barn nearby, and eventually named the facility Arrowood.

Bob Jones and Edwyn Feltzz have a story to tell.

(Courtesy of Edwyn and Bob Jones)In 1992, the Feltzes, who were living in California, began renovating the property, and hired a private contractor, John Gaudin, to finish the project.

Gaudins project included the addition of two new course courses: Arrowood Golf Course and Wildwood Memorial Course.

In addition to a new clubhouse, Arrowood opened its doors to the public in 1993.

As it was the year the golf course was built, the new course was named Arrowood Memorial Golf Club.

Edith and John Gudins family opened Arrowood golf club in 1993 (Courtesy Edwyn Gudis)After the Arrowood property went under the ownership of Edith and Bob, the former golfers decided to call it Arrowood Woods.

After a period of time, Arrowwood Golf Club and Arrowood Municipal Golf Club were both officially renamed to the name Arrowood in 2013.

Edwyn and John have had a long history with the club.

In addition to his work as the owner, Bob was a member of the board of directors and in the 1970s became a regular guest on the board.

He and his family have contributed to the club’s upkeep, and Ed and Bob have been members of the staff.

After the course was officially renamed Arrowood, Edwyn was asked to become the Wild Wood Conservancy’s President and CEO.

He took the position in 2011.

Edward and Bob still have the property under their ownership and operate Arrowood regularly.

They are currently preparing a project to make Arrowood a private golf course and are planning on opening a small private club there.

Ed and Bob will be hosting a “Hollywood Stars Golf Tournament” on October 19.