The Pitman golf and golf course at Brookside in New Jersey is a favorite among New Jersey golfers and is a popular destination for families.

It has the world’s largest pit, and the golf course also has the largest hole in the state, which is called the “Pitman Hole.”

The Pitmans are known for its high-stakes games.

For the most part, the course is well stocked with holes and the handicap is usually set for handicappers, meaning they can hit the course with one stroke.

In fact, the Pitmans were ranked #1 in the nation for the number of holes they can fit in the hole, according to Golf Digest magazine.

The Pitmen have one of the most challenging handicaps in the U.S., with the course set for a handicap of about 5,000.

The course also features a series of holes that are the largest in the United States.

The first hole, called “Big Big,” has a par 4.8 hole, a par 3.5 hole and a par 5.4 hole.

It also has a 15-foot tee that is a par 6.1.

The second hole, known as “Cadillac,” is a 6-iron.

The third hole, which was named after former U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, is a 9-foot par 3, a 9.5-foot eagle, and a 10-foot birdie.

The fourth hole, named “Dance Floor,” is called “The Pitmans” for a reason.

It is a short par 5 hole with a par four.

The fifth hole, dubbed “The Hole,” is an 8-foot green, a 4-foot fairway, and 3-foot hole that has a 9½-foot wedge.

The sixth hole, “The Ledge,” is the longest of all of the Pitman holes.

It’s a par six, 3-over par 5, and 6-under par 3 hole.

The seventh hole, also called “Ledge,” has four 3-under greens, a 2-over green, and an eagle.

The eighth hole, nicknamed “The Hill,” is another par six and a 3-hole par 4, with the only difference being that it is shorter than the others.

It features three 5-foot greens and a short fairway.

The ninth hole, titled “The Pits,” has five 4- and 5-under green par 4s.

The 10th hole, designated “Pits,” is one of only three holes in the course to feature three 3- and 4-over greens.

The final hole, entitled “The Pole,” has two 3-and-4-over holes.

The last hole, however, has a shorter par 3 with a 6½-mile wedge.

When the Pitmen golf course was built in the late 1970s, the team at BrookSide Golf Club and the Brookside Golf Club of New Jersey were among the first to set up the course.

The club, which includes Brookside residents and students, has been the official sponsor of the club since its founding in 1982.

The Brookside team, which also includes golfers such as Jimmy Mickle and Steve Stratton, is also known for putting the course up for sale and has had to pay off the debt that it incurred on the course, which it built for Brookside.

“When the Pitmens first opened, it was just the beginning of a long tradition of the community and the team,” said Larry Stratton Jr., the club’s director of operations.

“I think that is what made it such a special place and a special club.”

Brookside’s Pitman Hole Golf Course The Pitmens golf course is located at Brookshire Golf Course, one of three major golf courses in the New Jersey area.

It opened in 1971 and has a capacity of 5,500, according the New York Times.

The facility was built on the land of a former coal company and is owned by the Brookshire County Golf Club.

The pitman is a term for the area surrounding a hole.

According to the Golf Digest, the term “pitman” originated in the early 1900s, when golfers were called “pit men” after their clubs.

“It was a word that was used a lot back then, and it still is today, and is probably the only way that we would refer to a hole in a course,” said Bill Hensley, director of the Brooksey County Golf Association.

The term “pitman” was also used to refer to the first hole in an area that was owned by a person or group of people, as in “the Pitman hole,” which is a hole that is about a mile long and two and a half feet wide.

The hole is a 4½-