The Washington Monument golf course on the banks of the Potomac River will be opening to the general public this summer, according to a permit issued Tuesday by the National Park Service.

The permit was issued after the Trump administration decided to close portions of the 6,000-acre Presidio National Monument to the rest of the nation’s golf course owners.

It marks the first time that the Trump golf course has opened to the world outside of the U.S., although a few other sites across the country are also open to public use.

The park service, which has been trying to open a number of other historic sites to the masses in recent years, is trying to avoid the pitfalls of the Presidium, which is currently home to a National Guard outpost.

“Presidio is home to an estimated 3 million people and, through the Trump Administration’s decision to close the Presidsio, it is a prime example of the federal government’s refusal to consider public use,” said Nancy L. Seltzer, the agency’s director of recreation.

As part of its bid to open the park to the recreational public, the Trump-owned course is offering to upgrade some aspects of the course, including the parking lots, and to install a new, larger, and taller concrete fence.

A portion of the property is also expected to be used as a temporary memorial to those killed in the 1968 riots.

The Trump administration has long considered Presidios a national monument and has maintained that it is protected from all but a handful of other countries.

Last year, a group of Native Americans filed suit seeking to halt the move.

In a statement Tuesday, the NPS said that it hopes to get the permit “by the end of this month.”

The permitting process is expected to take up to five months.

The next phase, which includes building a parking lot and fencing around the course’s property, is expected by the end, the park service said.

Officials have said that the $3.6 million course, which was originally scheduled to open this summer and will remain open until 2026, will be the only remaining public use on the monument.

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