In response to concerns about a lack of competition among the top-rated golf courses in the country, Penn State’s Masters Golf Course has released a “Certification Courses” program for all participants.

The Masters Course, which is located in Easton, is ranked No. 2 among golf courses nationwide, according to a 2017 ranking by Golf Digest.

The course offers an online certification course which will take students through a series of online courses on topics such as advanced scoring, driving, shooting and more.

Students will also get a certificate for driving a golf cart in the course, golf clubs, a free driving simulator, and more, as well as a free digital course guide.

While the Masters Course is known for its advanced courses, the course also offers an assortment of free courses which can be accessed for a variety of purposes.

For instance, students will be able to play online courses, participate in online coaching sessions, or attend an optional two-day online course.

According to the Masters, all courses will be available for free in the spring of 2018.

However, the Masters is offering an introductory course with a fee of $150 for the first year, with an annual fee of up to $2,400 for the second year.

The courses will run from April 5-12 and can be downloaded for free from the Masters website.