David Blazer, former CEO of the International Golf Federation, was on Golfing for Dungeons when he spoke at a panel discussion on “The Role of Golf in the 21st Century.”

Blazer discussed the importance of golf for sportsmen and women.

The former CEO and chairman of the world governing body said he wanted to speak about the “vital role” of golf.

“We’ve had a very good decade of growth in golf and it’s going to continue to grow,” Blazer said.

“The sport is in great shape and we need to continue that growth.”

Blazer, who played in the first U.S. Open in 1996, said that with the advent of the game’s new rules and regulations, it’s not just about the individual players, but the sport as a whole.

He said that the sport needs to change to better accommodate younger generations.

“The game needs to grow, it needs to mature and it needs a change,” Blazar said.

“There are going to be challenges and it will require a change of culture and a change in mentality.”

Blazers comments come as the U.K. is preparing to vote on whether to legalize the use of the recreational use of marijuana.

In an effort to get the vote on, the U,K.

government has made several public statements and plans to use its Parliament to introduce a bill to legalize recreational marijuana in 2018.

Blazer’s comments are a reminder of how golf is still viewed in the U’s sports-loving community.