Posted November 03, 2018 09:33:56A hunter from Queensland, who did not shoot wild horses, lions, buffalo, or antelopes, says he would not have shot any of those animals, despite being a hunter himself.

In a video for the Australian Hunters Federation, Jason Murchison says he did not kill any wild animals while he was a hunter.

“I would not even say I was a true hunter,” he said.

“There are a few wild animals that I would kill and they were probably just the smaller, wild animals I wouldn’t kill.”

In terms of hunting the most important thing is the kill the animal, not the kill yourself.

“It’s the animal’s life, not mine.”

The main thing that I did was to get my licence and to have my licence.

“So I would do it for the good of the animals, the animals that you care about.”

Jason Murchisons view of the Murchings Mowbray ranch, about an hour from Brisbane.

(Supplied: Jason Mutchison)In the video, Jason says he was not an avid hunter, despite the fact he hunted a lot of animals.

“When I’m hunting I get very passionate, very intense,” he says.

“A lot of it is for the adrenaline, the adrenaline rush.”

But it’s also just to take the kill.

“He said he would hunt animals that were a “problem” to him and said he “doesn’t like killing them”.”

They are just so dangerous, they are just living in the wild.

“They don’t have a right to life, they don’t deserve to live,” he told the ABC.

Jason Mutchings views of the land he owns, Mowbrey, near Waimate.

(NSW Police)Jason has been an avid outdoor enthusiast since he was six years old.

“For me to just get out and do a hunt or to go out and hunt, I would have to have a licence and a gun,” he added.

“And if you can’t get a licence, I don’t like hunting.”

Jason says he will not shoot lions, but has shot some deer.

“You don’t know how many animals I’ve killed, and I don-t like to think that I’m the only one who has,” he explained.

“If someone wants to kill a deer or a big cat, they can do it, but I wouldn, because I wouldn and they’d get killed.”

In 2015, Jason’s wife died from a heart attack.

He said she was a good mother and loved her husband.

“She’s gone and she’s got to deal with the loss of her family and the loss for her,” he recalled.

“What she needs to deal is with that, she’s in a bad place and she needs some help.”

That’s the only thing that’s on my mind.

“We’ve been through a lot together, and we’ve had a lot to do together, so I think she’s going to be okay.”

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