I was reading this morning about how students can use their smartphone apps to complete courses.

It sounds like a good idea, right?

Well, if you’ve ever taken a test, you know that taking a quiz can be a great way to learn things.

So, why not take a test yourself?

And that’s exactly what I did.

I started by logging into my app using my phone’s login credentials.

Then, I clicked on the “Add a course” button, which took me to a page that offered me a list of courses I could take.

The list of course types was a bit long, so I clicked one.

I clicked the link that showed the list of available courses, and it took me back to the homepage of the app.

I didn’t even have to download the app itself.

I just had to tap the “Take the test” button on the home screen.

That’s right: The iPhone app automatically asked me to download and sign in to my account.

I was all set.

The tests took less than 10 minutes to complete.

Here’s what happened:1.

I entered my password, which I set at the beginning of the test.2.

I chose the course that I wanted to take.

I also added the “I want to take” checkbox to the top of the page.3.

After I logged in, the course’s screen popped up.

I saw my test score, which had a green bar at the bottom.

I tapped the “Check score” button to confirm that I had completed the test, and my score was displayed.4.

Then I was asked to enter my phone number and email address.

The screen then asked me whether I wanted a free certification.

If I agreed, the app would ask me to check the box next to “I agree to get a free certificate”.If I didn´t, the quiz wouldn’t take place.

It was up to me to decide whether to give the app a chance to run for a few minutes before I deleted it and returned to my phone.5.

Once the quiz was over, I was notified by a message that the quiz wasn´t taking place.

I asked the app to ask me if I wanted another test.

This time, it asked me if the quiz would take place immediately or in the future.

It also asked me how much time it would take me to complete the course.

I opted for the latter option.

Once I finished the quiz, I got an email from the app saying that I received a “Certificate of completion”.

I clicked “Accept”, and the test was over.

My score was 1.2 million points, which is very respectable for a quiz that takes more than 10 hours to complete, which seems like a reasonable score to me.

It seems like the app only asks for a certificate after it has verified that you have completed the course successfully.

I also got a certificate from the instructor.

This certificate was an easy 1.6 million points.

If that certificate had been given to me after the quiz ended, I probably would have gotten 1.3 million points because I had a good enough score to get the certificate.

I thought it would be easier to give this certificate to someone else who wasn’t as motivated.

But it wasn´ t.

That certificate wasn´’t for me.

I could have just given it to the person who took the quiz.

I guess I shouldn´t have even been interested in giving it to them.

I’m pretty sure the instructor should have had a certificate for me too.

I’m glad I didn.

I would have been more interested in a certificate that showed that I got all of the quizzes.

The only thing I did wrong was that I didn\’t want to give up my score.

If a person who has a high score is given a certificate, he or she should be able to get all of them.

The test is not about whether or not you are a genius.

It is about whether you can actually answer questions well.

My score of 1.1 million points seems a bit high, but if I had to give it to anyone, it would have to be me.