A former NFL scout and current scout for ESPN told Business Insider that he’s convinced that the Bears have found a player who fits their profile.

“I think the Bears are going to be in the market for a player,” the former scout told BusinessInsider.

“There are some who think they’re going to draft a quarterback, but I’m confident in saying that they’re looking for a linebacker.”

In the past, the Bears would have needed to take a quarterback before trading up to draft someone else.

But with the Bears’ depth at the position, they have no need for a quarterback and could use one at this time.

In order to get there, the scout believes the Bears will likely take one of their own prospects.

“They’re looking to move up to get a linebacker,” he said.

“If they don’t take a linebacker, they’re in luck because the Bears could get a quarterback or a defensive lineman or a tight end.

If they take a corner or safety, they could trade up.”

If they take one, it could be the first time the Bears use a draft pick on a linebacker since they drafted cornerback Chris Prosinski in the fifth round in 2012.

Prosinski played his college football at Michigan State, where he played a lot of corner, but his best position was linebacker.

“It’s a very good fit for them,” the scout said.

Prosinski, who played for the Michigan State Spartans from 2010 to 2016, was a key contributor to the Spartans’ championship teams during his four years.

He recorded 46 tackles, six interceptions, four pass breakups, and four forced fumbles in his final season, when he was a junior.

He signed with the Dallas Cowboys as a free agent, and he was waived by the team.

He played in seven games with the team in 2017, starting three, but was cut by the Cowboys after one season.

His most productive season came in 2018, when the Cowboys went 8-7 and finished a disappointing 3-13 in the NFC East.

He had five interceptions, one pass breakup, and one forced fumble in 20 games for the Cowboys.

Prosinksa was drafted by the Washington Redskins in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft, and the Cowboys signed him to a contract.

The Bears selected him in the second round, which happened to be the second time they selected a linebacker with their first-round pick.

The two teams were also close in the 2018 draft, when they traded down from the Redskins to select linebacker Leonard Floyd, who was taken by the Bears with the second pick in the seventh round.

The Bears have been trying to move on from Prosinski, as they were not happy with his production during the 2017 season.

They had a quarterback that was the quarterback of the future at the time.

“The Bears were looking for someone who would play on the outside, and they liked what they saw from Proinski,” the source said.

“(Prosinski) was a great player, but they wanted somebody who was going to come in and take over.”

It could also be that the Packers are a fit.

They’re looking at two players at the moment who fit the Bears profile, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

One is a former linebacker who spent two years in the NFL as a defensive end, and played in six games for them.

The other is a linebacker from Michigan State who played his senior year at the school.

“One of the players that they are looking at is a defensive tackle,” Schefter said.

He added that they will probably trade up and get one of the two.

“When they look at both, they like the defensive tackle.

They think he’s a special player.”

The Bears are expected to take one linebacker in the third round, with the Packers expected to go up from the fifth-round.

It’s possible the Bears can trade down from there and take one receiver.

“With that type of draft, you could be looking at a player like (Rashad) Williams or (Josh) Fuller,” the same source said, referring to the former Ohio State receiver and the former Alabama wide receiver.

Williams and Fuller have a similar profile, with Williams being a free safety.

Fuller played his collegiate football at Wisconsin.

The Packers have three receivers that could be on the board at this point, with Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams both projected as top-10 picks.

The Packers also have some other draft-day needs that could help the Bears.

The first-rounder, if it is used, would help fill the linebacker spot that has been left by Brandon Marshall and Clay Matthews.

The second-rounder could also go to help fill another void on the defensive line.

The third-rounder would help clear cap space, as the Bears need to pay defensive tackle Jared Allen some money in order to move forward.

The fourth-rounder