The Mud-stick course at the ranch in Mojaves Desert, California, is an easy one to build if you have a lot of friends and the right equipment.

In this video, our guest, Mark Riggs, shows us how to build it.

It takes less than five hours to build, but it can take a lot more time to complete.

Mark and I had a blast working with the staff at the Mojave Outdoor Adventures Ranch on the project, and we learned a lot.

Mark is an experienced builder and designer who has designed many courses in the past.

The Ranch offers a variety of adventures in addition to the Mud-stick course.

Mark, along with his wife, Kelly, also designed the course in 2018.

We were fortunate enough to meet Mark for a guided tour of the Ranch, and the tour was a great experience for all of us.

We also talked about some of the more popular projects the Ranch offers, including the Riggs Mud-sticks and a sandbag course.

There are also several other courses that the Ranch has developed over the years.

Mark was also kind enough to share his plans for building a mud-stick trail at the Rim Fire Trailhead, the site of the Rimfire fire, in the Santa Barbara National Forest.

The trail has been closed to the public since 2018, but we plan to reopen it in early 2019, at the very latest.

The Rim Fire trail was created by the U.S. Forest Service to provide access to the Rim Trail and its adjacent lands.

Mark Riggens’ plan to build a mud stick course at Rim Fire is one of the most exciting ideas we’ve seen from an outdoorsman.

It’s also one of a few that have been created in California in recent years.

There is an opportunity to bring back this unique experience to the San Francisco Bay Area, and Mark has an amazing vision for this project.

We look forward to seeing Mark and Kelly on their Mud- Stick Trail in the near future.

Mark also shared some ideas for other projects the ranch has planned.

The best part of working with Mark is that he’s such a good communicator.

He’s a natural storyteller, and that makes it easy for us to share in his enthusiasm for the project.

The Riggs family has built courses at other locations in California.

This is one more fun and unique project to build at the Riggs Ranch.