A Canadian golfer who was in the country for the Olympics will be able to play in the American Open later this month.

A group of golfers, including Canadian golier Ryan Hall, have been planning for the possibility for months.

The event is the culmination of more than two years of discussions between golfers from both countries, and was meant to be the culmination in 2018 of the efforts by the two governments to get a new course built on the Canadian side of the border.

The Canadian Golf Association (CGA) announced the news Thursday, announcing that the golfers would be competing in the Arnold Palmer Invitational, which will take place July 28 at Augusta National.CGA Executive Director Doug Hall says the Canadian golf community is proud to welcome Ryan Hall to the United States for this prestigious tournament.

He said the event is a great opportunity for both the Canadian and American golf communities to work together on improving the quality of life for the citizens of both countries.

A CGA spokeswoman said in a statement that the organization was pleased to welcome Hall to Augusta National and hoped he would be able take part in this year’s tournament as well.

The CGA said the Arnold Golf Club will host its first event of 2018, and Hall will play in a four-round, 12-hole tournament.

Hall is also expected to participate in a pair of tournaments later this summer.

The group of Canadian golf enthusiasts is set to play the United Kingdom in late August.