In this month’s TIME/CNN poll, golf courses in the United States are in the top 10 most popular locations in the country.

As the country gears up for the upcoming Winter Olympics, the top two most popular golf courses were in Texas and Florida.

The most popular course in Texas was Coronado Golf Course in Brownsville, Texas, and the most favorite course in Florida was the Gulf Coast Golf Course.

In terms of popularity, the most talked about golf course in the USA is Pebble Beach, California, according to a recent poll from Golf Channel.

The most talked-about course in Canada is Dune Country Club in Squamish, British Columbia.

The two most talked About golf courses are Pebble Beach and Pebble Beach Golf Club in Pebble Beach.

The best-selling course in this month of TIME/Comfortably Numb golfers?

The Pebble Beach Resort and Spa in Pebble, California.

In terms of golf courses being popular in specific cities, Houston, Texas and Las Vegas, Nevada are popular golf destinations.

The list of the most loved golf courses includes five golf courses that are listed in the book Golf Digest: Golf Digest – The Official Golf Guide to America, by Stephen C. Zadrozny, Peter Z. Poynter, Richard P. Johnson, and Tom Piazza, which is available for preorder and preorder now.

The list of best-reviewed golf courses also includes courses that have been rated in the past, according with Golf Digest, including the 18th edition of Golf Digest’s Best Golf Courses.

The 10 most-visited golf coursesThe 10 golf courses most popular across the United Sates include five in Texas, five in Florida, three in Colorado, and two in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Each of the five Texas golf courses is rated one of the top five courses in America.

The 10 best-rated courses in Florida are the Pebble Beach Club, Golf Links New Orleans, Golf Club Orlando, and Golf Links San Clemente.

The ten most popular courses in Colorado are the Coronados, Palm Beach Golf Links, and The Pines Golf Course at The Golf Club of Colorado Springs.

The top 10 golf course rankings in AmericaThe top five golf course locations are: Pebble Beach on the coast of Florida, Pebble Beach-New Orleans on the west coast of Louisiana, The Piles Golf Course on the east coast of Colorado, The Palms Golf Course, in the state of California, The New Orleans Golf Club, in New Orleans.