The Golf Course At L.C.A., the L.P.B. at Larkspur, the Lazy Laker at Lark, the Blue Jays at Lazy Bay, the Green River at Lockspur, The Locksmith at Lockeridge Bay, The Lady Locker at Largo, and the Pinnacle at Licks Ranch are among the courses in Los Angeles County that are being shut down as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

The closures were announced by the county on Friday, and were announced in a statement by the Larksburg Golf Course, which is the third golf course to be closed due to the coronava outbreak.

The L.L.A.-based golf course closed in May due to a lack of volunteers and staffing.

Butlers Golf Course was reopened in October after an additional 6,000 volunteers filled out a volunteer form, according to the statement.

The Blue Jays announced in October that they were opening a new golf course at Larchmont Golf Club, which will be the Larchdale Golf Course.

But the new course, which opened in July, will be closed until April 2019 due to safety concerns.