The sport of golf has long been the world’s most popular, with the sport growing in popularity and popularity in Ireland, where the Irish have been an international golfing superpower since the 1960s.

The sport has long attracted millions of people to the island nation and was a major part of the country’s national identity.

The Guinness Book of World Records lists the sport as the second-most popular sport in the world behind football.

Golfers from around the world flock to the country to play, with thousands of golf courses across the country.

The first European tour was organised by the Dublin club golf course in 1787 and the current tour is the longest-running Irish tour.

A golf course has been opened at the Westlake Golf Course in west suburban Chicago.

The Irish have a number of other great golf courses and courses that they can play as well.

The US Golf Association has listed the following golf courses in the United States: the Royal Irish Golf Club in Louisville, Kentucky; the Old National Golf Course at the U.S. National Course in Augusta, Georgia; and the Golf Club of America in Pascagoula, Mississippi.

A number of golf clubs in the US have a golf course.

In the United Kingdom, the Queen Elizabeth II Country Club in Edinburgh has been awarded the title of Britain’s oldest golf course by the Guinness Book Of World Records.

While the Irish golf courses are located all over the country, they are especially popular in the southern part of Ireland.

They are in particular favour in Cork, Waterford, Louth, Kilkenny, Galway and Louth Bay, where they have been popular in recent years.