Posted by Wired on Thursday, February 08, 2021 05:16:57As of February 8, 2021, you can now get a new Nintendo Switch and a full Nintendo Network for just $99, with an Amazon gift card, via the Amazon Appstore.

The device is now on sale for $349.99, which isn’t bad considering you can get a full $100 discount on the Switch itself, which includes everything you’ll need to get set up.

The $100 credit comes with two keys, one for the Amazon appstore and one for an Amazon account.

You’ll need both keys to use the device.

You can use either one of the keys for the console or a wireless mouse, keyboard, and headset, but the Amazon account can’t be used to make purchases on

The Nintendo Switch has a price of $399.99 and will be available in February.

If you want to pick up a full set of Nintendo Switch accessories, you’ll have to fork over $100 to get a $199.99 Nintendo Switch Wireless Controller.

If there’s a discount, you should use the Amazon gift code for a full Amazon gift.

The Nintendo Switch was originally launched in 2016, but it hasn’t launched in a year.

However, the Nintendo Switch 2, which is slated for release this fall, has been delayed until 2020.

If the Switch 2 doesn’t arrive in time, Nintendo could eventually introduce a third console in the family.